Hovercraft Design

The Hov Pod was created to overcome design problems associated with hovercraft, and addresses these problems with a completely new fresh design approach.
Our design team observed that most small hovercraft are designed to win races - to do so, they have to be lightweight, and this characteristic compromised durability. We wanted to create a Hovercraft suitable for cruising and family fun, where safety would be of key importance, therefore we decided on a design that placed safety as the key design objective, so that the craft were incredibly easy and safe to drive yet the craft would still stand up to the punishment that all terrain use can deliver. The second generation SPX range are manufactured from HDPE, the same material that has been used for the construction of F1 Crash Barriers and artificial knee joints - HDPE is impact resistant, extremely buoyant and very lightweight.
For more information on the Hov Pod and its evolution, craftsmanship and design philosophy use the quick links to the right. For further information, please visit www.hovpod.com and www.hovercraft-hovercraft.com