New Hovercraft - TCC Version

Our latest Hovercraft model the SPX TCC is far stronger than glass fibre hovercraft, and far more buoyant. We recently introduced a new variant of the SPX, the TCC (Thermally Controlled Composite) which is stronger yet lighter than our previous HDPE model. The new thermally controlled process creates a very strong three layer composite. There is no other hovercraft manufactured using this process. Product development has evolved over 5 years, and as a result we expect the Hov Pod SPX TCC (Thermally Controlled Composite) to be the hovercraft of choice for commercial, rescue, leisure, and border patrol.

As a consequence of the TCC being lighter than previous models, less energy is required to manoeuvre so as a consequence we expect the new model to be quieter and more fuel efficient for a certain loading, with improved operating range per tank of fuel, and consequently more economic to run.

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